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The East Garden of the Imperial Palace on 1st July

The East Garden of the Imperial Palace on 1st July

Thank you for joining us on July 01. We welcomed 19 people from Australia, USA, Israel, Singapore, Germany, UK and India. It rained from time to time in the morning, but fortunately it hardly rained during the tour.
At the end of the tour, one guest sang a Japanese song she learned on You Tube. We all were very surprised that she sang almost perfectly all the way through, despite not speaking a word of Japanese!

As we informed, we post photos of everyone on the tour.

A group

B group

C group

D group

Various festivals will be held in Tokyo in July, as well Mitama Matsuri. “Mitama Matsuri” or “Soul Festival” is held at Yasukuni Shrine located a 20-minute walk or one subway stop from the ending point of this tour. Over 30,000 lanterns will be strung from towers of scaffolding to create a spectacular approach leading to the main shrine. This festival is held to comfort the spirits of dead who sacrificed their precious lives for the country. The festival lasts for four days (13th-16th July) includes traditional Japanese cultural performances and parading a potable shrine. The Mitama Matsuri is the significant cultural event that reflects the importance of honoring the past and preserving Japanese tradition.
If you plan to take part in the East Garden of the Imperial tour on 15th July, definitely recommend to visit this festival as well.

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(posted by Yumi.K)