The Golden Dragon Dance in Asakusa (October 18)  


TFWT appreciate your participation in our tour to Sensoji Temple in Asakusa on October 18.  22 people kindly joined us from Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Spain, Germany, Canada and USA. The weather was perfect in the middle of autumn. It was lucky enough for us to see a twice-a-year event in Asakusa. I hope you enjoyed walking and seeing the dance performance with us. As promised, group photos and snap shots are posted. 

It was the Golden Dragon Dance on the Sensoji Temple grounds. To commemorate the reconstruction of its main hall in 1958 after WWⅡ, Sensoji Temple has started the event to revitalize Asakusa and has been continuing until now.

The Dragon Dance is held twice a year on March 18 and October 18. It originates from the mountain name of Sensoji Temple, Kinryu-san or Golden Dragon Mountain. When the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy housed in the main hall appeared in the world in the 7th century, it is said that the Dragon with golden scales descended from the sky and ever since has been protecting the Goddess.

The Dragon is 18 meters long and weighs about 88 kilograms. It’s manipulated by the eight men and the dance was brave and elegant. If you missed to see the recent event, the next opportunity will be March 18 next year.

The next tour in Asakusa and Ueno will be on October 22. Please refer more details of the tour on our website. We look forward to seeing you.