The great ramen in Asakusa(October 14)


The best season of the year has come! We at TFWT appreciate your participation in our tours in Asakusa on October 14. 15 people kindly joined our tours from UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Iceland, America, Mexico, China, Singapore and Australia. I sincerely hope that all of you enjoyed walking with us despite the congested streets.

Ramen is the Japan’s popular food together with sushi you’ll find on the must-try list of almost all the visitors to Japan. Not many people know that Asakusa is the birthplace of shoyu(soy sauce) ramen at the restaurant named ‘Rairaiken’ which opend in 1910. Rairaiken was the first restaurant specializing in shoyu ramen which was very popular but unfortunately the restaurant is not in business anymore. In Asakusa there are a number of excellent ramen shops. I recommend the three authentic shoyu ramen restaurants.
Right close to the Kaminarimon gate is Yukikage which started just two years ago. Yukikage is focusing on chicken base. The noodles are exquisite topped with generous slices of superb char-siu chicken(barbecued chicken), a half-boiled egg and green onion in harmony with the delicious shoyu chicken soup. In addition the topping is assorted with big Nori seaweed which are torn to pieces and dipped in the soup. The Nori seaweed are Asakusa’s speciality which suits well the soup. The food is great and service is satisfactory. English menu is available. Just try it and you’ll see why the place is always crowded. Ramen is offered from 780 yen upward (cash only). Business hours are 11:00am to 11:.30pm without stop every day.
Access to the place is quite easy. Immediately turn right to a quiet side street after passing through the Kaminarimon gate and you will find the small shop. A big lantern is a sign. It takes just 30 seconds from the gate.

Yoroiya is located off the Nakamise shopping street. Yoroiya boasts traditional shoyu base which has flavorful taste and sentimental value. Ramen is topped with char-siu pork(barbecued pork), nori sea weed, a boiled egg, and green onion. The shop opened 27 years ago. English menu and vegetarian cuisine are available. Open from 11:00am to 8:30pm every day. 750 yen upward(only cash). Ramen here is absolutely delicious and you’ll love it for the rest of your life. Go straight the Nakamise shopping street for 200 meters, turn right at the 5th street and you will find the shop on the right. It takes about three minutes from the Kaminarimon gate if the street is not overcrowded. A male figure,one of the five legendary thieves in the Edo period is placed on the roof.

The third choice is Naritaya, near the Sensoji Temple main hall. All items on the menu are 100% halal. Dishes have no use of any kind of pork or alcohol. The best beef based ramen is available. This is a great place for halal-certified ramen in Asakusa which opened three year ago. There aren’t many halal-certified restaurants in Tokyo. So, It’s a good option for those who are looking to eat halal food. The staff is friendly and speaks English. In addition there is a small prayer room upstairs as well. Open from 11:00am to 10 pm every day. 700 yen upward(cash only). It’s the small shop which can easily be missed as one is walking by. Walk toward left from the front of the Sensoji Temple main mall for one minute. Then, you will come to Nishi Sando Shopping Street. Naritaya is the third shop on the right.

Ramen is now a national food and shoyu soup is most favored in Japan. I am so glad that the origin of shoyu ramen is Asakusa. If you are looking for authenticity in Asakusa, one of the above ramen shops is commendable.
Our Asakusa tours are held in the morning and afternoon on the second and fourth Sunday of each month. Why not try the ramen for lunch before or after our tours!

(posted by Yoshi)