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The Greater Gate at Sensoji Temple (Asakusa and Ueno Park tour on November 24)


Thank you so much for choosing our tours in Asakusa and Ueno Park on November 24. We had 26 visitors from Sweden, UK, Ireland, Italy, Canada, America, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. I hope you enjoyed walking with us and particularly  appreciate the fact that some of you consecutively joined our tours for two days.

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You might have seen a big gate in front of the Sensoji Temple Main Hall. Hozomon Gate is larger and more spectacular than the famous Kaminarimon Gate at the entrance.

The upper level houses the complete Buddhist scriptures and on the lower level a pair of wooden statues of guardian deities of Buddha opening and closing each mouth symbolizes the beginning and end of all things in Buddhism.

On the back of the gate is a pair of ‘waraji’, massive sandals made of rice straw ropes. As waraji reflects the power of the guardian deities in front, evils quickly run away knowing that the wearer of the sandals protects the temple.

I really appreciate your participation in our tours and hopefully look forward to seeing you at another one of our tours in case you come back to Tokyo.

(posted by Yoshi)