East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

The Saturday Tour for the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace (Sep. 9, 2018)

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you so much for joining our regular tour on Sep. 9th.  There were 15 guests from Germany, Canada, Philippines, Spain, Israel, and the US, and divided into three groups.

It was a sunny and hot day like a summer coming back again.  Everyone looked tired a little bit, so we tried to have a break sometimes in the shade, with a drink or an ice cream, ha ha!  We also welcomed a one-day trainee student as a guide from a high school in Tokyo.  She felt nervous because that was her first experience as a guide, but she enjoyed a lot.  We hope that she will come back to our group someday!

One of the couple said they were spending there time in Japan as their honeymoon.  How amazing! I would like you to enjoy those pictures for your memory, and we are always waiting for your second visit someday, thank you everyone.

(reported by Hisako)