East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

The seasonal topic of year-end (Dec.8 The East Garden of the Imperial Palace Tour)

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you so much for joining our regular tour at the East Garden of the Imperial Palace on 8th December. We welcomed 15 people from Australia, Chili, Canada, USA, Sweden, Argentina, Macedonia, Mexico, and Paraguay. We were so happy to have met you!

It was beautiful day but a little bit colder than last week. The leaves of the trees in the East garden of the Imperial Palace turned into deep red and brilliant yellow. We enjoyed it during the tour. At the day of the tour, the Palace household agency held the special event of walking through from the Sakashita‐mon Gate to the Inui-mon Gate. So many people showed up to enjoy the Palace.

By the way, do you know “ Sodane ” ?  This is the latest and most popular buzzword of Japan in 2018. In February, the Olympic Winter games was held in PyeongChang Korea. Japanese women curling team joined it. The team consisted of six members from Hokkaido, north part of Japan. During the game they communicated each other with saying “Sodane” as their dialect. “Sodane” means “Right!”, “Got it!” and “Sure.”, so on. Finally they won the bronze medal. This news delighted us all over the Japan . After the Olympic game “Sodane” became a buzzword through the TV show. In Japan the new word and buzzword of the year contest is held at every year-end. Many buzzwords of this year were nominated. “Sodane” was one of the nominee and won the first prize of 2018 at the contest.

If you come to Japan, try to use “Sodane” in your conversation with Japanese people. You will definitely be seen as a person familiar with Japanese. In addition, please add one more “e” vowels to the last e when you say “Sodane”.



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