East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

The very “Imperial Palace” day, 14 November 2018

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

We thank 12 guests who participated in the tour from USA, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, and U.K. on that day. We divided into 2 groups.





It was a very lucky day for the tour to the imperial palace. Because it was a weekday morning to noon, we could view a very “Imperial Palace” events.

One is Ambassador’s inauguration ceremony at Tokyo Station, where a horse carriage welcomed newly appointed ambassador and took that person to the imperial palace so he could participate in the ceremony meeting with Emperor.


In that morning, 2 ceremonies for 2 ambassadors from Finland and Ireland were held consecutively. The carriage went along with another horse guards. It was almost like European dynasty.

A newly appointed ambassador waited for the horse carriage in the imperial waiting room on 1st floor of the Station Building just right next to Marunouchi central gate, where guides and guests meet every time.  The square in front of Tokyo Station was barricaded and heavily guarded by the station clerks and police.

The other event was held inside the East Garden. The Imperial Brass-Band played instruments on turf in Honmaru area, on which feudal lord castle used to stand. It was a lunch time concert. People enjoyed listening to the music on turf.


These are the events only seen on week days. Our guests could take advantage of a weekday tour.

The season is turning autumn as you can see the color of leaves on the route. It is getting colder so if you wish to participate in the tour this season, please do not forget to wear warming clothes such as jacket, coat or scarf.


Tokyo Free Walking Tour hosts the tour to the East Garden of the Imperial Palace at 1PM every Saturday afternoon but occasionally weekday morning tours are held so please check out our tour calendar page for the weekday tours as well as other tours on Sunday and National holidays.