East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

The weekday Tour Report on Aug.28. The Imperial Palace East Garden

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you for joining our walking tour to Imperial Palace East Garden on Aug. 28th. We were so happy to have met all 18 guests from Canada,U.S.A.,Spain and Argentina. The guests were divided into 2 groups with our guides for each group.
As this day was a weekday, the garden was more peaceful and quiet than on weekends. Also it was not too hot a day.

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The starting point of our walking tour of East garden  is TOKYO STATION.


TOKYO STATION is not only a station but also a kind of amusement park.

There are …

Tokyo Okashi Land
A shop overflowing with limited-region specialty goods, courtesy of a classic Japanese snack manufacturer. The perfect place to find a gift or souvenir.

Tokyo Ramen Street
An incredible assortment of famous and popular ramen restaurants.
One of ramen restaurants has special menu for vegetarians.

Tokyo Character Street
A cornucopia of character merchandise, from kids’ favorite anime characters to healing characters popular among women.
Dedicated merchandise shops for JUMP characters (ONE PIECE, NARUTO etc.)  , Hello Kitty, Pokemon and more characters are waiting you.

Off course you can buy Japanese BENTO inside the station.

There are museums and hotel and of course many restaurants inside and around the station.
Please google “Tokyo station city”!
Why don’t you enjoy Tokyo Station before or after our tour?

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