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Tokyo Now #18 Happy New Year 2021

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Year 2021 begins. How did you spend your holidays?

Last year was one of the troubling years in history. The pandemic changed our lifestyle drastically. Our activity was suspended since then. We cannot meet any more guests from abroad.

This year, we are hoping things turn out better and to meet wonderful people again. To wish for betterment of the world we usually visit shrines or temples on new year’s holidays to pray, but in this season much less people went to these places due to public warning of crowd risk.

Instead, some people pray to Mt. Fuji or great nature for the good new year.

Japanese believe gods reside in nature around you.

Gods are everywhere and come near you whenever you need her or him.

In early January ornaments made of bamboo, crops, and grass called Kadomatsu are placed at gates of the buildings or houses to invite gods who bring happiness.

We are living in difficult time but, we must move forward.

If this year turns a happy year, we can meet wonderful guests again and share our histories to overcome this pandemic.

Imagine you are in front of Tokyo Station building where guides and guests meet to start the tour to the imperial palace.

A guide might explain to guests about the station by saying “Did you know an architect who designed the station building died of a pandemic more than a century ago? We survived and now meet.”

TOKYO STATION BUILDING established in 1914, designed by TATSUNO Kingo

Imagine such days would come soon! Let’s get together in near future!