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Tokyo Now #21: March 14, Somei Yoshino front has come to Tokyo

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Somei-Yoshino Sakura, the most popular cherry trees, have come into bloom in Tokyo, the Japan Meteorological Agency said Sunday, March 14, a few weeks earlier than usual.

The Japan Meteorological Agency is responsible for declaring the official opening of the season, which is a kind of annual rite of spring. In each prefecture,  a specified cherry tree is observed as the standard tree.  There is a very careful watching of the tree for measurement  twice a day so as not to miss the five or six flowers that open to define the transition of seasons. The agency even releases maps of the cherry blossom front, which is similar to weather fronts.

Full bloom is forecasted around March 22.す

Let me also tell you that Somei-Yoshino is not the only cherry blossom in Japan.

There are more than 200 types of cherry blossoms in Japan.  Earliest one starts blooming in autumn and latest comes end of April.

We will keep you updated by posting various photos of beautiful Somei Yoshino.