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Tokyo Now #29: Step by step, preparing for the resumption of walking tours

Tokyo Now

TFWT has just started on-site warming up training on all 4 routes for our members. Let us introduce you the scene from the Ueno Park route training held on last Sunday.  

Ueno Park, one of the first public parks in Japan, was designated as such in 1873.  It locates between popular tourist sites in the downtown area, i.e. Asakusa and Yanaka.

Ueno Park is a treasure house of timeless history and culture & art.  You can enjoy plenty of cultures like temples, museums, performances, the zoo, and other attractions in this beautiful greenery place.

Just strolling around this park could be good relaxation but you are also able to focus on your interests, say 400 years of history, architecture, painting and sculpture or nature.

Ueno Park is especially popular during Hanami – viewing of

1200 Sakura cherry trees of 50 types.