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Tokyo Now #3 Mitake Ravine, stunning natural view

Tokyo Now

By just 90- to 120- minute train ride from centeral Tokyo, you can enjoy such  rich nature in Japan.  And that you are still in Tokyo.

Tokyo Now #3 focuses on Mitake Ravine, located in the west of Tokyo.

Located in the upper reaches of the Tama River, Mitake Ravine is a picturesque area selected as one of the Japan’s 100 Exquisite and Well Conserved Waters.

Just strolling the ravine promenade, seeing & listening to nature, you will feel relaxed and are fulfilled.  Near by art museum and sake brewery are also recommended to drop by at.  During spring to autumn,  variety of river activities are also available.

If you can do overnight trip for this area, I would add Mt Mitake hiking, which I will introduce you upcoming issues.

If you’ve seen enough of the exciting big metropolis, this is one of the perfect spots for a day trip from Tokyo. 

You cannot say that you know Japan if you haven’t ventured through its gorgeous countryside!