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Tokyo Now #32: Shinjuku, Cool & Clean

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Shinjuku is the station with the largest number of passengers with an average of 3.5million people a day.

The interesting point of Shinjuku is that it has quite different characteristics by area. The Nishi-Shinjuku area is called the “Shinjuku Subcenter” and is known for the concentration of high-rise business complex represented by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. You can enjoy 360 degree amazing view from its observatory is amazing, though currently not open to public as is used for corona vaccination site.

While just a block away, near Shinjuku station, there are side streets with dense tiny retro establishments, izakaya & pubs.

Outside of the east exit of Shinjuku station is like Times Square in Japan.

Both east & west spots are, of course, popular and still cool & clean.

Looking forward to your visit to Tokyo, Japan!

(Took photos in mid May. Currently it is bustling with many people.)