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Tokyo Now #5: Ginza Now!

Tokyo Now #5: Ginza Now!

Ginza is located south of Tokyo Station, the starting point of our East Garden of Imperial Palace tour, and is one of Japan’s most prominent downtown areas. A lot of brand shops and large department stores are lined up, and it becomes a pedestrian paradise on weekends, and it is also a place where people including foreign guests can relax. This pedestrian paradise in Ginza was suspended on March 28 due to Covid 19, but finally resumed on June 13. The photo is as of June 27. You can see that people are returning little by little.

If you walk a little southeast from Ginza along the main street, you will find Kabukiza theater.

Kabuki is a traditional Japanese art. Kabukiza is scheduled to resume performances in August.

If you walk further, you can see an Indian-style building, Tsukiji Honganji Temple. This Buddhism temple was established about 400 years ago, but the main hall was burned down by the 1923 earthquake and rebuilt in its current form in 1934. It’s a very unique building and worth a visit.

Tsukiji Market is just southwest of the temple. Although the market itself has moved to Toyosu, there are many restaurants where you can enjoy fresh seafood such as sushi and sashimi.

It seems that it will take some time to welcome you, but Tokyo is gradually regaining its daily life.