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Tokyo Now #8 : Ueno Park, full of culture & art, and more

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Question. If want to feel the atmosphere of Kyoto and Nikko at Tokyo, and to go to a zoo with your children, and to enjoy classical music concerts and masterpieces in your spare time, and to study Japanese history and climate and to see a world heritage building, and to find a cheap and good product in the market for fresh fish and daily necessities, do you think where you should go? The answer is Ueno Park.

Ueno Park is the oldest public park in Japan and home to historical and cultural places such as temples and shrines, more than 10 museums, a zoo.

Here are some of them.

Ueno Toshogu was founded about 400 years ago at about the same time as the world heritage Nikko Toshogu. You can enjoy beautiful buildings and decorations comparable to Nikko Toshogu.

Kiyomizu Kanondo is a temple simulated after Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto.

Tokyo National Museum is one of Japan’s oldest and largest museums. You cannot see everything in one day.

The building of National Museum of Western Arts is World Heritage, designed by French architect Le Corbusier.

Tokyo Metropolitan Festival Hall is a hall dedicated to classical music, famous for overseas orchestras and opera companies

Ueno Zoo is recommended for children. Especially pandas are very popular with children. You can also take a swan boat at the pond.

National Museum of Nature and Science is a good place for intellectually curious children.

If you are tired, let’s take a rest on the bench near the fountain.

There is a market called Ameya Yokocho just south of Ueno Park. There are about 400 shops lined up, selling everything from fresh fish to clothes and daily necessities at reasonable prices. Just looking at it will be fun.

The charm of Ueno Park cannot be fully explained. From now on, lotus flowers will be in full bloom in the pond of this park. Summer is about to begin.

It will be a while before everyone can come to Tokyo, but if you have the opportunity, we are looking forward to walking around this amazing park with you.