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Tokyo Now#19- Will the KIRIN come? 2020 NHK period drama

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Happy winter!! From the Jan.8, and for the 2nd time, the Greater Tokyo area and 10 prefectures are under the state of emergency again.
Therefore, we have much more spare time at home now. The biggest entertainment for me is to watch “KIRIN GA KURU”, 2020, NHK period drama, It is the 59th NHK long-run drama. Especially samurai dramas are popular among them. “KIRIN GA KURU” means “KIRIN, the Messenger of Good Luck would finally come to our place”. It would come to us as an identity to let us know that our world has become quite safe and peaceful.
Then, what kind of appearance does a KIRIN have? – Well, the answer is quite easy, I can show you a design of a KIRIN BEER can. There he is! How cool!! KIRIN BEER is one of the major beer brand in our country. You bet try it if you are thinking to come to Japan.

About 400 to 500 years ago, there were many powerful Sengoku(=Provincial ) warlords . During this era, one of the most well known warlords would be Oda Nobunaga. Nobunaga is such famous for being so charismatic and progressive, sometimes behaving like a dictator. Although, Nobunaga was killed by his vassal when he was 49. What kind of vassal could kill Nobunaga ? History of Japan might changed by this assassination. Well, the name of this vassal was Akechi Mitsuhide (?-1582)..

At this 2020 taiga drama, actor Hasegawa Hiroki plays the role as the Akechi. Akechi was a faithful, intellectual vassal who worked hard for his master Nobunaga but suddenly attacked and killed Nobunaga at Kyoto Honnoji-temple in 1582. Why did he have to? What was Akechi’s purpose? This is told to be the greatest mystery in Sengoku period.
Many history professors and researchers has tried to reveal this but it it’s still covered in mystery with various views. Since Akechi was killed later, people had took Akechi as a loser or a betrayer . But, is that really so? What kind of person Akechi really was? NHK endeavor was great enough, since no one could produce a drama like this. The airing started at January 2020 and would end at the first Sunday of February 2021, so 44 shows in total and only 2 shows are left now. Medias and fans are now going wild to guess how would the last show will be delivered. Will the KIRIN come?!

By this drama, I myself became a fan of Akechi and visited Akechi’s footprints like below . He owned some great castles in Kyoto or Hyogo prefectures and some of the ruins are still able to see. Some certain temples and shrines worship Akechi for a long time.

Let’s pray for the KIRIN to come to us all. After the world overcomes this pandemic disease, we will be too happy to welcome all of you to Japan! For the while, keep being healthy, keep being safe!!

(posted by Nori)