East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report: April 9, 2016

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace


In Japan, many people relate the cherry blossoms with the coming and going of friends and colleagues. This is because the season falls on the end/beginning of the academic and fiscal year.
Graduation ceremonies commonly take place at the end of March and newly grads start their professional career in April. No wonder there are countless pop songs about farewell under the cherry tree.

We were able to enjoy the final days of the cherry blossoms with over 60 guests at the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace. The cherries were nearing their end, but various flowers were coming up.

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# A series of large earthquakes have occurred around Kumamoto in the Southern island of Kyushu. There is confusion among transport and other services. It is best to stay away from the area. Those of you  already in the area please follow instructions by local authorities.