East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report: August 13, 2016

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you to all the wonderful guests who joined our tour on August 13.

Although it was a hot and humid day (which is an average summer day in Japan), we welcomed almost 50 guests, and divided into 4 groups. Because it was so hot, many guests were buying drinks and ice cream during the tour. (I actually drank two bottles of water during the tour.)


Our group talked about the Emperor’s suggestion that he would like to abdicate, which was a big news in Japan. (I have heard that it was on news in other countries too.) The Emperor and the Royal family is always a hot topic during the tour, and today was no exception.


We have a regular tour every Saturday and also weekday/Sunday tours irregularly. There is a calendar on our website, facebook and tripadvisor.

If you are planning to travel to Tokyo, please include our tour on your to-do list.

We are looking forward to meet you all!


(Yuri T.)