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Tour Report in October 18th, in Asakusa

Tour Report in October 18th, in Asakusa

Today we welcomed 13 guests from many countries.


C集合20171018.jpg                    A 集合写真

In Tokyo these days it had continued to rain, but today it was fine, very lucky for us. So,we could pleasantly advance  the tour.

We told them the history of the Sensoji temple  with seeing some buildings ,sign boards and rules, manners of Shintoism and Buddhism with experiencing those.

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They were surprised to know the difference between Shintoism and Buddhism. Perhaps they could know a little bit of Japanese religion.


Today in the Sensoji temple there was the special event ,that is “Kinryu- no- Mai” ,the golden dragon dance. This event  has been held since 1958 as  a commemoration of the reconstruction  of  the main hall. This dance performance comes from the myth  where long years ago a gold dragon descended from the sky to protect  the principal image.

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Anyway now we have 3 courses to guide you, the  East Imperial Palace Garden, Asakusa, the Meiji -Shrine and Harajyuku. We are waiting for you. Please confirm details from our home page. (http://www.tfwt.jp) Than you very much.

(posted by Masahiko-Sato)