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Thank you for joining our first Asakusa tour this 2018.
On the day of the tour, 14th of January, with cold temperature and clear sunny skies, we welcomed ten guests from South Korea, Hong Kong, U.S.A., Canada, and Argentina.



Group D,

Not surprisingly, the cold winter weather did not chase the visitors of Asakusa away. We were able to greet enthusiastic visitors not only from every corner of the district, but from other countries as well, despite the weather conditions in Japan.
As usual, after greeting everyone and introducing ourselves, we made our regular tour in Asakusa for 90 minutes.
Starting at the red painted gate, called Thunder Gate, we proceeded to the last spot,  Asakusa Shinto Shrine.
Despite the cold weather, the Sensoji Buddhist Temple compound where we started our tour was full of people. Looking around the huge temple grounds, we can see that it was jam-packed with visitors who were happily shopping for souvenirs and eating delicious food from stalls in the compound.

Known for its’ religious areas like Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines; big historical events; short cruises along the Sumida River; and delicious food available from street stalls; Asakusa is one of Japan’s most iconic and must-see locations.

Are you looking for a reasonable-priced and reliable transportation while in Asakusa?
The Megurin bus service would be of great help to you as you tour the historical areas in and around Asakusa.
The Megurin is run and managed by the local government of the Taito Ward, which includes Asakusa and other neighboring towns. It is available at a fixed charge of 100 yen or 1$ per person.
These buses run on three different routes, the “North Megurin”, “South Megurin” and the Ëast-West Megurin” routes.
These buses are not only used by citizens of the town, but also by enthusiastic travelers. It is proven that this shuttle transportation service can fulfill their responsibility in meeting the needs of their passengers.

For instance, these circulating buses pass by communal facilities like nursing homes, city offices, museums, railroad stations, and other places that many people go to.
In addition to that, the road networks that the Megurin pass through makes it convenient enough for sight-seeing. Visitors can opt to ride one of the buses instead of walking while sight-seeing.
This is because the shuttle buses routes cover Asakusa and neighboring areas like Ueno and Yanaka, which are a few of the preferred sites that tourists visit in the area.
Moreover, the Megurin bus service also offers an “All-Day Pass” which offers an unlimited ride to all Megurin buses at 300 yen or 3$ valid for 1 day.
Aside from that, this community buses also feature a retro-designed body that will welcome and delight passengers.
Let us enjoy Asakusa and its neighboring areas by riding a Megurin bus.

(By Arac)