East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report ,January 16, 2016

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Today we welcomed 8 guests from many countries.

Today’s guests were very few ,but this is rare case. Another guide says there happened same thing  last same season.

A集合写真        bグループ集合写真

We divided them in 2 groups ,and started from the Tokyo station. Until several days ago warm days had continued in our country , but recently the cold of winter  has come. But it was sunny daytime , so it was very comfortable to walk.

Bグループ 東京駅     B写真

In the garden visitors were few ,so we could see and explain many sights freely without annoying to others. Though it’s not flower season now ,we could enjoy 2 plum trees blooming at the slope with plum tree view.

A大手門        B 写真

As today’s group was small and cozy, we could have familiar relation with all of guests. Tank you for joining our tour and having a pleasure time. Please have a fun  for the rest of your stay in Japan. TFWT  is hold every Saturday 13:00 ~15:30.

If you are in Tokyo at that time, please join us. Please check our website.

(posted by masahiko  sato)