East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report, January 23,2016

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming!
We could share our precious time with 18 foreign visitors
from all over the world.
Let me introduce our many participants with the following photos.


In Edo castle site, there are three houses to guard each gate on the way to castle palace.
Second one is called Hyakunin Bansho in Japanese. As it was very important to guard,
special force team at that time was assigned. Can you guess?
It is Ninja! Special Iga or Koga family members were in shift.
We hear Ninja is getting popular globally. Their specific weapon is Shuriken,
a kind of blade. When I was a kid, I folded Origami paper, prepared Shuriken
and played Ninja because it was also cool for me.
Do you know it is combined with two pieces of Origami paper?


Winter weather brings us majestic taste on our East Garden of Imperial Palace.
Contrary, we can also feel early spring with plum flowers which are
already blooming.     Please come and join us!