Tour Report: July 2, 2016

Thank you very much for joining our tour! Although it was an extremely hot and humid day today, we had apx.60 guests thankfully. We separated into 5 groups with about 10~15 people in each group, which was relatively big compared to recent tendency. According to weather forecast, the temperature was over 35 degrees in Tokyo for the first time this year, which is officially called ‘extremely hot day’. The breeze blowing through ‘Matsu-no-O-Roka’ felt so comfortable instead. Mostly we stayed in the shade to avoid heat and drink as much water as possible to prevent from getting heat attack.
At the resting place in the middle of the tour, we always take 10 minute break. There, almost everyone rushed to get ice cream or something cold to drink. When the climate is mild and comfortable, we sit on the turf of the castle sites and talk about a bit of Japanese history etc., but today actually nobody was on the turf because of the strong sunlight. We sat under the tree and discussed the life of Edo Period in our group.

It is getting even hotter from now on, but our tour is on whatever the weather is! We are sure that you will feel relaxed and comfortable walking around the castle sites and we also do cultural exchanges since we have multinational guests every week! We are waiting for both repeat guests and newcomersJ

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