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Tour Report : July 20, 2016

Tour Report : July 20, 2016

Thank you to all wonderful guests for joining us on July 20. We separated into two groups with 8 people in each group.

2016.07.20 A_01

2016.07.20 B_01

It was a sunny day, despite the weather forecasts which predicted overcast. The air felt thick. It’s no wonder that it is in the rainy season in Tokyo. It’s muggy and rainy every day and the weather is unpredictable.

There are some good points of the rainy season, of course. Rain helps grow trees and plants, such as rice. And also, rain water is collected in water reservoirs, is processed, and is introduced to public water supply.

Let me go off on a tangent and tell you the story about our tour.

We start from Tokyo Station and go through one of the most important business districts in our country. Later we go into the East Garden of the Imperial Palace.

Tokyo station

The garden used to be the part of the Edo castle in the past. So, you can see some traditional Japanese structures there. In summer, we see dragonflies gliding around pine trees and we hear cicadas/locusts making sounds during our tour. It’s because there are so much green in the East Garden of the Imperial Palace, while the greater Tokyo area is so artificial.

2016.07.20 A_03

And also, our guides are friendly and outgoing. So, please come join us and have fun together when you visit Japan. We’re sure that our tour will enhance your travel experience!!

(Article by M.Murata)