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Tour Report: July 30, 2016

Tour Report: July 30, 2016

Thanks to all the guests for joining and having a good time with us!

It’s sunny and very hot day, typical summer weather in Japan. We welcomed 35 guests and we divided into 4 groups. The number of guest of each group is below 10, that is suitable number to get friendly with all people in a group.

In a sunny day, it’s important and necessary to find shade, under a tree, beside a police box when we explain historical sites.

Peak season of summer festival has come in Japan, and today is the day one of the biggest fireworks festivals is held near the Sumida river.  Some guests well know this festival and they are planning to go there. In Edo period, people enjoyed this fireworks on a bridge or a boat, but it’s difficult for us to take a same way. Cost for a boat is expensive and police don’t allow us stopping on a bridge. And more, many people gather into closest area of fireworks, ex. Asakusa. That’s why I go to JR Minami-Senju station in Jo-ban line. This town is little bit far from the center of festival, but I can enjoy watching the fireworks from a space between building and house. 

Other festivals will be held in August. Don’t miss it.

We have regular tour every Saturday afternoon and sometimes we have irregular tour at Asakusa. If you plan to visit Asakusa, I recommend you to check the schedule on our web site.

(Reported by Nao)