East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report: March 18, 2017

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you all for joining our tour! We had a pleasant Saturday afternoon tour with close to 50 guests. With the cherry blossom season not far, it will soon be the busiest time for our walking tour.


Around the Ninomaru Gardens I mentioned how the “koi” or the carp is liked in Japan, to the extent that there is a professional baseball team named after them.

Baseball, as you may know, is one of the most popular professional sports here in Japan. Currently there are two major baseball events going on.

IMG_3754One is the World Baseball Classic, once-in-four-year tournament competed among national teams from 16 countries. Japan has prevailed in the first two tournaments but not in the last, so people are very anxious to see the team to become champions again.

Then there is the national high school tournament. It is held twice each year, and the spring tournament has just started this week. One reason it is so popular may be that the games are played by high schools representing each prefecture – some people seem to associate themselves with the teams from their hometowns and talk about them a lot.

So these events will keep the headlines busy for another week or two.



Of course baseball is not the only sport in Japan – there are football, tennis, rugby just to name a few. What is your favorite sport? Join the tour and share your stories with us!


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