East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report: May 17, 2016

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace


It was raining hard and the wind was quite strong. I gave up to wear KIMONO or Japanese traditional outfit.
KIMONO, the proud Japanese tradition. But too hot in summer, too cold in winter, so difficult to walk, and getting stains when raining…Wearing KIMONO is really uncomfortable.
Despite that I like to wear KIMONO because many tourists seems happy looking at our KIMONO.

Now many Japanese don’t wear KIMONO. One of the reasons is that they can’t put KIMONO on by themselves.
It used to be that mothers taught daughters how to put KIMONO on. But now, there are KIMONO schools which teach it. I went to KIMONO school for a half year.

We welcomed 8 guests. Thank you for joining us!

Rain made leaves and flowers more beautiful.

Azalea was almost gone and iris started blooming.

Now, we have the most comfortable weather before the rainy season. Visit and enjoy TOKYO now!