East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report: May 7, 2016

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

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Sumo season is on in Tokyo!
The 15 day summer tournament in Tokyo started last Sunday. This is one of the three tournaments held in Tokyo throughout the year (The other three are held elsewhere in Japan).

One of the guests told me she was interested in going to see the Sumo match. The reserved seats are all gone, but if you are willing to stand in line early in the morning, you may be able to get the non-reserved seats for the day.

It was quite recent that I first saw sumo live, and I can tell you it is much more exciting than seeing it on TV. If you have a chance, I definitely suggest you go for it.

Sumo recently has become more globalized than ever. Of the Makuuchi, or the top 42 ranking wrestlers, 16 are from outside Japan.  Mongolia is known to be home of many good wrestlers, but there are wrestlers from other countries such as Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Egypt, Georgia and Russia. It might be interesting to go find wrestlers from your country.

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Well, so much about sumo, we were joined by 46 guests on Saturday.
None from the said sumo countries, but thank you all the same!
The weather was perfect, with spotless skies and neither too cold nor too hot.

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The wisteria at the Japanese garden were almost over, but then the irises shouldn’t be far away. I explained that the Japanese were so fond of carps that we even have a professional baseball team named after the fish.
Now on baseball I can go on and on, but maybe I will just finish here and keep the topic for some time else…

(Report by Yohei)

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