East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report: October 21, 2017

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thanks to all the guests for joining and having a good time with us!

Though it’s rainy day, we welcomed 34 guests and divided into 2 groups.



I talked our guest about Typhoon which is coming Japan islands and will land next Monday. This is reported as one of the biggest Typhoons ever seen.

One of our guests asked me what should we do on the Typhoon day. I replied it’s better to stay in your hotel, though they want to go out. They are a little afraid of the Typhoon, but a couple from Vancouver seems to be expecting it because this is first experience of Typhoon for them.

Anyway we’re happy because we welcomed a lot of guests than we expected and every guest seemed to enjoy the tour, though it rains during all the time of the tour today.

Then I hope the guests from Poland to safely return to your country, because they mentioned their departure flight schedule is on next Monday of coming the Typhoon.

(Reported by Nao)