Meiji Shrine and Harajuku

Tour Report of Meiji shrine -Harajyuku on September 16th

Meiji Shrine and Harajuku

Thank you for joining our tour today. Today we welcomed 13 guests from many countries.

A酒樽       B酒樽


Now we are in the middle of September. Hot summer has gone by and the weather is gradually shifting to autumn. Soon Japan will enter the best season for travelling. Please come and join our tour.
Now let me get back to today’s tour topic ( Meiji shrine-Harajyuku ) . Today’s topic is about a torii  which has inseperable with a shrine.  The  first torii of Meiji shrine is the gathering place of our tour. When Japanese see this torii, most Japanese think a shrine is close by.

.jpg      .jpg


And also Japanese feel a little tense ,because they  know they are entering into  sacred world. Torii is said to be the border between the present world and the sacred world.

And there are some theories regarding origin of Torii. Here, let me introduce you  one of the theories. Since many years ago  bird is said to be messenger of god. When it descends from the heaven, it temporary stays on a perch , and this perch has changed to the present torii and has been for many years. I owe it to you decide whether this theory is true or not. I guess that only god may know the truth.

B 手水舎     B竹下通り

Thank you for joining our tour today. We hope all of you will have a good day,and safety in Japan. And see you again.

(posted  by  Masahiko-Sato)