East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour report of THE EAST GARDEN OF THE IMPERIAL PALACE on 2019.2.2 and Introduction of Coming New Tour

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you for joining our tour visiting the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace on February 2nd.   We welcomed 20 people from Australia, U.S.A., Canada, Brazil, Argentina and Ireland.

The day was not so chilly and we could enjoy clear blue winter sky during strolling around the garden.    Coming February 4th is “the First day of Spring” on the calendar in Japan.   From that reason, we could enjoy cute plum tree blossoms, which is the first symbol of spring,  starting to bloom here and there in the garden.

We hope all of guests enjoyed this tour and also we are looking forward the day when you and your friends or family have the opportunity to participate in TFWT hosted tours in future.

Now, let me introduce TFWT’s newly featuring tour; “Ueno Park”.   There was the largest temple named “Kan-Ei-ji Temple” in  Edo period at there. One of their mission was to guard the former Edo Castle, current Imperial Palace, from evils.   Most of the area were now converted to attractive Large Park including various museums, zoo, historical architectures and so on.    The first tour will be held on Feb.11th. Please check our web site for detailed information.

(posted by Masao)