East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour report of THE EAST GARDEN OF THE IMPERIAL PALACE on 2019.4.13

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you for joining TFWT hosted tour visiting the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace on April 13.   We welcomed 53 guests from USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel, Brazil, Vietnam, Spain, India, UK, Germany, France and Mexico.

The day was actually the best tour day with comfortable temperature and bright sunlight.  Additional gift for us was Cherry blossom.   We could enjoy blooming cherry trees, especially varieties of late-blooming trees.   Relatively low temperature until the day before might have been prolonged their transient life.

Also, we could enjoy lovely red and pink colored flower of Azalea starting to bloom at Nino-Maru Garden.

Now, the historical event; the ceremony of Transferring Throne from current Emperor to his son prince has been approaching.    Imperial Palace is the main stage of the ceremony.   

It was announced that greeting ceremony of  Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress will be held at Imperial Palace on May 4th.   Everyone will have a chance to participate in the General Public to the Imperial Palace grounds and celebrate His Majesties the Emperor and Imperial family at there. 

Because of this ceremony which will be held in the middle of so called “Golden Week” in Japan, government decided to set special continuous ten National Holidays this year.    Every Japanese are looking forward to experience the memorable days and hoping everything will go smooth during the time.

If you have interest, please find details at  


We hope all of guests enjoyed this tour and wish you remember as one of nice memories of traveling in Japan.   We are looking forward to have time with you or with your friend again at series of TFWT hosted tours in future.

(posted by Masao)