East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report of the East Garden of the Imperial Palace on Oct. 26; Rugby World Cup 2019 is ending with the final game on Nov. 2

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

With 16 guests from various countries; Argentina(2), Canada(2), Germany(2), Ireland(2), Israel(1), New Zealand(1), Philippines(4), US(2), we have held the tour to the East Garden of the Imperial Palace in 3 groups.  We appreciate all of the guests for choosing Tokyo Free Walking Tour among many other guided tours in Tokyo.  We hope your safe trips for the rest of your stay and back to your homes.

Rugby World Cup is almost ending with the third place play off on Nov.1 and the final match on November 2.  For the enthusiastic fans, I am sure the series of games must have been very exciting.  Especially, now that Brave Blossoms (nick name of Japanese national team) went on to the best 8, the game should be the long-lasting memory for people in Japan.  Many people became bandwagon fans and they also enjoyed the games and were excited with Brave Blossoms’ maneuver and won their way to the finals.

To tell you the truth, rugby football has not been a major sport compared with baseball and soccer in Japan.  But thanks to the Rugby World Cup and Brave Blossoms’ powerful attack and its results, now we have one more option of sports for kids to play and enjoy watching from now on, and on top of it bandwagon fans would become real fans of rugby football.

Another memorable thing about the World Cup is the word “no side” and “respect”.  For people unfamiliar to this sport until now, it sounds brisk in spite of the fierce tackles with a lot of hurts.  Though the other sport has the same factor after victory or defeat, the behavior of respecting each other and the words praising the opponent in the rugby games moved the world audience not only in the stadium but in front of TV.

Together with the excitement the even has brought, many foreign visitors have come to Japan to support their national teams or their favorite teams.  When it comes to the inbound point of view, I believe this big event not only contributed to the international communications between the audiences, but changed their images of Japan by experiencing the real Japan.  It may be too much for us to expect them to become fans of Japan, but it would be OK for us to be sure that new-to-Japan visitors get more familiar with things in Japan.

Actually I am in the first year as a member of TFWT.  I would be happy if I could help our guests make good memory of Japan.  I also want to be familiar with the cultures and people of other countries through communicating with our guests.

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(by Masayuki)