East Gardens of the Imperial Palace


East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you for joining our tour to the East garden of the Imperial Palace on April 20.
We welcomed worldwide 57 guests from U.K, Australia, U.S, Spain, Indonesia, Argentina, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Germany, India, Denmark, Mexico, South Africa, Ireland, Switzerland, including a cute baby guest.
We made five groups for the guest and 2 guides accompanied them respectively. The weather was so perfect, Bright Sunshine, 18℃(64℉), Gentle wind. Due to such pleasant climate, the tour was longer than usual. We really appreciate all guest for sharing your precious time together and enjoyed our tour with the guests.

In the garden this season, late-flowering cherry blossoms (Double Cherry Blossoms) remain, and Azaleas and Irs Japonica etc. are full bloom. From now on, wisteria also begins to bloom. We are expecting the season when the flowers grow thick.


Consecutive holidays from the end of April to the beginning of May in Japan are called “Golden Week”. Since May 1st is also a holiday of “Accession of new emperor” this year, many people will enjoy 10 consecutive holidays from Apr 27th through May 6th.
In fact, Japan have a lot of national holidays. There are usually 16 holidays in the year and 17 on this year. The number is a top class in the world.
In Japan, on the day when a holiday overlaps with Sunday, the next weekday becomes a holiday. On this golden week is May 6th. In addition, the day between holidays also becomes a holiday. It’s like Othello game and interesting, isn’t it? That’s April 30th and May 2nd this year.
Are you worried that our tour will not be held during the holidays? Don’t worry!!

We are operating 4 tours, “East Garden of the Imperial Palace”, “Meiji Shrine & Harajuku”, “Asakusa” and “Ueno Park” tours during Golden Week, as usual. Only a schedule of the East Garden of the Imperial Palace Tour will be irregular due to the imperial ceremony.

Please check our tour calendar for sure, and enjoy the most greenery season in Japan with us!!
(Posted by Toyo)