Thank you for joining our tour to the East garden of the Imperial Palace on March 9. We welcomed 14 guests from Italy, Argentina, Mexico, France, UK, Indonesia and USA.
The guests are divided into four groups and a few guides accompany them respectively. We started our tour from Tokyo Station and walked through modern business area to go into the East garden of the Imperial Palace, former Edo Castle. I hope that guests deepen their understanding of Japan through our explanation and conversation. We have been inspired by guests, too. Thank you very much.

Weather was just fine. Sunshine, 15℃(57℉), a little bit windy. We saw a lot of people relaxing on the Honmaru Lawn. Spring is certainly approaching. But please be careful about the feature of Japanese weather in this season.
From February to March in Japan, it is time to shift from winter to spring, but it is characterized by swapping cold days and warm days. There is a word “Sankan Shion”, meaning “cold for three days and then warm for four days”. It is a feature of the climate in northern China and the northern part of the Korean Peninsula, I think that it is perfect for expressing the climate of this season of Japan, too.
There is also the word “flower chill” in Japan. This express that the cold weather will turn back when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. According to the latest Cherry blossom forecast, the cherry blossoms in Tokyo are expected to flow around March 21 and full bloom around March 29. Everyone who is going to visit Japan from now to spring will recommend not to forget warm clothes, just in case. And please don’t forget Tokyo Free Waling Tour, either!
We operate three regular guide tours, the East Garden of the Imperial Palace, the Meiji Shrine and Asakusa. In addition, Ueno Park tour is schedule for March 21, Vernal Equinox Day.
You will have an interesting experience about history and contemporary Japan under the cherry blossoms decorated with light brown. Why don’t you take this opportunity!
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