East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report on 1-December, 2018, Saturday afternoon

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you the guests who kindly joined our afternoon tour on 1st of December. We had 13 guests from six countries, divided by four groups.

Hard to believe that it was already in December: it was very warm and a best day for walking tour.  I enjoyed the tour with our lovely guests, rainbow at Wadakura Fountain park, and very beautiful autumn leaves during the tour. In particular, we could see the reflection of such autumn leaves at the pond in Ninomaru Park. Awesome!

Speaking of Ninomaru park, I recently found a “zigzag” bride over the pond. It makes us to walk more slowly and enjoy the surroundings, compared to a normal straight bridge. This structure is not only for the bridge in the park, but also the pathway in town. In particular, we can see it in castle town in Japan. The structure is defensive strategy against the enemy: they have to walk slowly through such zigzag path to reach the center of the castle.

Talking about castle, some colleagues here in TFWT like castle and we had a hiking at Odawara castle last weekend. Edo castle’s tower was not rebuilt after the last burn in 1657, but the tower in Odawara castle was reconstructed again and again. It was originally constructed in 15th century. We can reach Odawara from Tokyo station in ca. 1.5h with local train (JR or Odakyu line) or 35m with Shinkansen bullet train. If you look for something historical monument around Tokyo, I strongly recommend you to go there. Enjoy it!

(Posted by Katsumi)


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