East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report on 10-December, 2016, Saturday

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you the guests who kindly joined our tour on 26th of November. We had totally 50 guests, divided by five groups.

It was a clear sunny & windy day. Strong wind made us feel chilly. I usually wash my hands and gargle when I get home, but especially in winter, I always do these for preventing cold or flu. In Japan, gargling with tea (green, black, whatever) is a popular idea, since it is believed tea has anti-bacterial qualities. Not only drinking but also gargling tea is effective in preventing cold. I strongly recommend you to try this.

On the same day, we had an orientation for incoming new volunteer guides. We totally have 68 fresh people. They will have On-the-Job-Training from next week, and then do first guide point in a few month (I hope). You can meet such fresh guide soon.(Posted by Katsumi)


We have a regular tour every Saturday and have weekday/Sunday tours irregularly.
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