East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report on 10-October (Health-Sports day), 2016, Monday

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you the guests who kindly joined our tour on 10th of October. We had 15 guests from four countries, divided by two groups.

Late August through September is the typhoon season in Japan. Apart from the typhoon season, we have cloudy or rainy days this autumn. Our tour on Monday was just like that, cloudy but no rain, not too hot or not too cold, a nice day for our walking tour.

You may know the next summer Olympic will be held at Tokyo in 2020, but do you also know we had the one before? It was in 1964. The opening ceremony was held on 10th of Oct. For remembering that glorious event, 10-Oct became one of national holidays in Japan from 1966 to 1999, as Health-Sports day. After 2000, the holiday becomes the 2nd Monday of October. Recently several concerns about the venues have been reported about the next Olympic, since the construction cost is far beyond an originally calculated estimate. I strongly hope it will be settled soon, without any extra spending OUR money, TAX!

By the way, Rice is the most important crop in Asia and autumn is harvest season. The rice just harvested is called 新米 Shinmai in Japanese, new rice. If you see the word of 新米at your restaurant, it means such fresh rice will be served. Enjoy it!

(Reported by Katsumi)


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