East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report on 11-June, 2016, Saturday

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you for the guests kindly joined our Saturday tour on 11th of June. We had nearly 30 guests from several countries, by five groups.


The sunlight is already the one in summer, so we looked for the sunshade place at each guide points.

In Tokyo, we can enjoy the several kinds of flowers from February to June (of course, it is subject to the temperature in each year). Presently, we can enjoy iris flower at Ninomaru Park. It is the best season to see it now.

In February, we can enjoy the plum tree flower, and do you know we do enjoy the fruit after the blooming. It is called Umeboshi. It is VERY sour, but popular as one of healthy foods. It makes our body to be neutralized. At your first try, you will be very surprised its sourness, but it is worth to try it. I recommend you to do it!

In June, we can enjoy the hydrangea flowers as well. I feel it is more beautiful in rainy days, because it is the flower in rainy season. Rainy season usually makes us uncomfortable, but the hydrangea flower on the street side makes me happy in rainy days. Flower always gives us the power, I believe.

(Report by Katsumi)


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