Tour Report on 12-November, 2016, Saturday

Thank you the guests who kindly joined our tour on 12th of November. We had 35 guests from nine countries, divided by five groups.

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Friday was a cloudy & very cold day, but Saturday was a warm & sunny, i.e. the very best day for walking tour. The leaves are already turning red and yellow in Tokyo, and yes, we can enjoy such beautiful autumn view during our tour. Also, we can enjoy chrysanthemum flowers as well. Do you know the flower has much to do with the royal family? The Japanese imperial crest is in a shape of a chrysanthemum.


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By the way, we can see so many runners on the way to Ohtemon from Tatsumi-Yagura in our tour. A road around the palace grounds is very popular running course in Tokyo. One big reason might be five kilometers per lap (it is easy to count), and it is a kind of “cool” course in Tokyo (it is my guess ;-)). Anyway, some of TFWT members loves jogging (me included), and we took part in a road relay race on the next day, 13-Nov. The relay was totally 20km, i.e. 5km/persons for four. We named our teams “Team Tatsumi-Yagura” and “Team Fujimi-Yagura”, since both Yagura (watch-tower) are in our TFWT tour. After the race, we enjoyed the glass of beers as well. I had a lovely weekend.

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