East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report on 13 May, Saturday

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

It was a terribly rainy day. Despite such a bad weather, more than 30 people from all over the world participated in the tour. We were glad to welcome that many people in such unusual weather in this time of a year.

Usually, May is best month for outdoor activity. Its climate is best in a year. It is beginning of summer but not too hot and not too wet with very few rainy days. That is why many outdoor events are held in May.

On first weeked annual Tokyo Rainbow Pride Event and Parade were held in Yoyogi Park and mainstreet in Shibuya Ward. The Shibuya is known to be most fashionable district in Tokyo. In the event stage shows were held and many booths were set up for forums and sales. Some booths were from foreign embassies.


Then the march was held to the main street, where big department stores showed rainbow billboards to show their support. Around 6000 people marched saying “Happy Pride.”


A lot of foreigners joined the parade. This symbolised how considerate Japan has become in terms of LGBT issues to correspond to global trend, which is being LGBT is what one is born with, not one chooses to do, so no one should be discriminated against based on that, so accept them and understand their way of life. Recently Japanese parliament members launched multi-partisan group to promote LGBT rights. The marchers included lawmakers. It was part of preparation to host 2020 Olympic held in Tokyo.

On 2nd weekend, Kanda Festival was held near the back gate (Hirakawamon) of the East Garden. The Mikoshis (Portable shrines) were carried and exhibited on public roads. Showing off the mikoshi means how we attach to gods. Mikoshi is something like “Lost Ark.” Inside is a god body. Carrying such divine box is very honourable. Those carriers looked very energetic.


Next weekend May 19-21 is Sanja Festival, another Mikoshi festival, to know the detail please read this article written by our Asakusa guide.

Please enjoy best month of the year!