East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report on 14 December 2019, Winter has already started in the East Garden of the Imperial Palace

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Many thanks to 13 guests from Brasil, Singapore, USA and Australia. We divided into 3 groups.

The weather was mild and unexpectedly warm like spring time despite the winter season has already started in Tokyo.

The colors of foliage in the East Garden was very vivid because of winter sun rays. Guests could also enjoy clear reflection of the foliage colors on the water.

But we are already in the winter. Normally going outside is hard thing to do. Then you might notice many people on the streets wearing surgical masks in Japan. That surprises foreigners.


Especially in this cold season, more people wear masks. Foreign guests ask us why they are wearing it. That is one of most frequently asked questions by foreigners because it is a very unique custom of Japan.

The answer is we wear this not to spread disease when we get a cold or fever. Mask is believed to block virus and germs from the mouth. But experts claim micro virus cannot be blocked by paper or cotton made masks and can easily go through the fabrics. Actually, it is rather a manner to tell others that you do not intend to spread disease even when you cannot stop coughing. Coughing without masks annoys people around you.

The temperature is getting lower lately. So you might have a chance to get a cold and cannot resist coughing. In that case we highly recommend you wear the masks as a manner. It is in fact uncomfortable to wear but at drug stores or even convenience stores, there sold variety of masks that you can try. Good thing is masks can warm you like scarf and keep moisture in your mouth.

Interestingly enough, these masks are convenient items as well when you want to hide your face in public space. Or if you don’t want your face photographed while you are outside. No one suspects you of hiding because it is a common practice.

Why not try this very Japanese item in this winter? But please be careful to the coldness and keep yourself warm so that you do not get sick.