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Tour Report on 15 October 2016

Tour Report on 15 October 2016

We were delighted to have 69 guests from India, Belgium, Australia, Germany, France, USA, Georgia, Peru, Iceland, Israel, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, Argentine, Netherland, Spain and U.K. We divided into 6 groups.

It was really clear weather. No clouds in the sky. The temperature was warm but not hot and not humid anymore. Summer ended and Autumn has began. That was typical Autumn fine weather, which we call “Akibare.” So clear that we were able to see the bottom of the moat around the imperial palace. As one could view, the depth of the moat is only 1 meter or so.


Some places in the city one could view Mt. Fuji. As it proceeds to dry and clear winter, one can have more opportunities to view Mt. Fuji from high places such as a roof top of high-rise building or observatory. Just like the Fujimi-yagura watch tower on the hill in the East Garden in the old days.


The view of Mt. Fuji was enjoyed by many people in the city including Shogun, master of all Samurai lords, who lived in the East Garden premise.

Talking about Mt. Fuji, the mountain is Japan’s highest mountain and a volcano which hasn’t erupted for centuries. The height is 3776 meter. It is located on Shizuoka-Yamanashi prefectural boarder, about 100 kilometers away from Tokyo. The mountain has been worshipped by Japanese living in Tokyo-Kanto region from ancient time. In summer time anyone can climb up to the top because there is no snow on the top.


Looking down the mountain from airplane is very beautiful as well. The beauty of it is it stands alone on earth. Around the mountain is big dense forests and lakes. The area is a big camping fields and forest resort. But there is a very horrific place called Aokigahara, sea of trees. It is a famous site for suicide. Every year dozens of people got inside and never came back because once one is in, the forest is so dense and deep like maze. They intend to trap themselves in the forest.

One might wonder suicide is Japan’s cultural thing like Samurai’s harakiri but our predominant religion, Budhism bans suicide because it is believed that one’s body is not one’s own but what one rents from the spiritual world so that one cannot easily destroy it by oneself. We not only live but are let live our lives.

Life may be sometimes difficult but think simply as “Life means killing time until death.” There is no reason to keep living. You just live your life.

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