Tour Report on 19-February, 2017, Sunday (Asakusa)


Thank you for joining the Tokyo Free Walking Tour for Asakusa area.
Half of the year has already passed since this Asakusa strolling tour started.
Today, we welcomed several guests and had a tour for an hour.
We were very lucky to have perfect weather so we were able to enjoy our travel.

We started at Kaminarimon Gate, which is the entrance of the Buddhist temple, Sensouji temple and were strolling five locations.
Aside from visiting historical buildings, we also introduced some attractive souvenirs.
Did you find memorable souvenirs in Asakusa?

Well this time let me talk about a notable alcohol, named “Denki Bran”.

Legendary Brandy14524515_1009995805775807_772803666000496407_o
This brandy is called Denki-Bran, which is a compound word, composed of the words “Denki” which means electricity, and Bran which is an abbreviation of the word brandy.
Speaking of the historical background of this interesting alcohol.
This liquor was launched in 1882 at a bar named “Kamiya Bar”, which opened at Asakusa in Tokyo.
The alcohol’s percentage was higher than the usual alcohol content.
This name came from the fact that the “Denki” was attractive word for drinkers to imagine it to be modern.
This was because most of the customers thought products were imported from Europe or US.


Actually, electricity wasn’t available yet for most parts of Japan during those times unlike those countries mentioned.
In addition, this word efficiently helped drinkers rise their awareness of strong alcoholic effects like numbness.
This salable brandy reminds the elderly of an old Tokyo once they get to taste it because it is the long-lasting product of all times.

Even in mid twenty century Japan, the word “Denki” was frequently used to promote home appliances like  A Denki Washing Machine, A Denki Refrigerator, or A Denki Rice Cooker in associating with modern images and upgraded technologies.
At the same time, it also symbolized the high growth of the Japanese economy.
Whenever I visit Asakusa I purchase this legendary drink at Kamiya Bar.
(By Arac)