East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report on 20 August 2016

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

We thank everyone who joined the tour of that day. Around 39 people from USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Korea, Belgium, Brazil, France, Nederland and U.K. participated came and joined us. Then we divided into 4 groups.

The weather was very unstalbe on that day. In the morning, it was heavy raining. But luckily the rain stopped just before the tour started. It stopped raining until the tour ended. Looked like God sided with us.

Speaking of God, we’ve received a question from a guest about our religious views. In the third spot in the tour, Wadakura bridge, we could view the glass box chapel in the center of Palace Hotel building. A couple can be wedded viewing the Imperial Palace. Under the chapel is banquet room where a couple and their invitees joined after the wedding.


The question was if Christian followers attend sermons at the chapel.

The answer is No. The chapel is dedicated to wedding ceremony. No sermons or praying are held there. That is a hotel own chapel. Not like a chapel in a local town. In Japan Christian church wedding is very popular but only 1 % of population is Christian. Likewise Japanese celebrate Christmas in December although most of us don’t go to churches but go shopping or join parties.

For ordinary Japanese, religion is nothing but festivity and customs. In the beginning of year, people pray at Shinto shrines for good new year and celebrate Christmas in December and recently celebrate Halloween in November for fun . In marriage, Christian church wedding is very common but funerals are mostly done in Budhist style.

Are Japanese atheist? Maybe or maybe not. Our native religion is Shito that worships millions of gods. Shito, itself has no teaching, only existence of gods, spirits and their legends. So Japan’s society is flexible for any other religion to join.

Not only acquiring festivity and customs from foreign religions but also philosophies, a lot of us learn good philosophies from foreign religions. As for Christianity, the most famous phrase is “Love your neighbors as yourself.”


In fact that is what we are doing. Our volunteer activity is based on charitable philiosophy. We love our guests from the world. We are pleased by pleasing our guests. So please come and join us! We offer not only free tour but also abundance of love.