East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report on 24 July 2016 SUNDAY

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you very much for joining us from all over the world. On that day we welcomed 24 guests from Australia, Indonesia, Deutschland, Canada, Malaysia and Israel. Then we were divided into 2 groups.


It was not too hot despite this time of the year. But it was hot enough to enjoy icecream at a resthouse in the East Garden, where the tour groups stopped in the middle of the course. The resthouse sells several kinds of icecream. Most recommended one is Macha icecream. Macha is strong flavoured green tea. It was originally used as powder of tea to mix with hot water.

DSC_2113tea powder

Macha tea is mainly used in tea ceremony. Tea ceremony is one of Japan’s traditional hobbies. People enjoy having sweets and Macha tea in a bowl. But this is formal occasion and certain manner is required for attendees.  There are manner schools for that.

Our guests tried that and enjoy the taste of it. U.S. President Obama used to taste that when he visited Japan before becoming the President of his nation.

Communicating with guests is greatest aspect of the tour. One of the guides talked with Israeli guests about Japanese diplomat named Sugihara who saved Jewish refugees from Poland while he served as Vice-Counsul in Lithuania by issuing transit visas which was against rules of Japan’s Foreign Ministry during 2nd world war. His biography was recently made into film in Japan.


An Israeli lady knew him by watching TV program in her homeland. It was a good thing to share.

Not just guiding but having conversations like that is greatest experience in this tour not just for guests but also for the guides.


Please come and join us. Share the great experience!

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