East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report on 25 November 2017, the East Garden of the Imperial Palace

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

We thank many guests who participated in the tour.

On that day we welcomed over 42 people from Australia, USA, Norway, Austria, UK, Indonesia, Germany, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, and Nederland.

We divided into 5 groups. The weather was very clear. It was a best autumn day.

The East Garden turned autumn colors already so we could enjoy beautiful scenes with red and yellow leaves. Not only in Tokyo but in Japan’s old capital, Kyoto was in autumn leaf viewing season. The middle age temples and gardens were crowded with tourists viewing the leaves. Some temples held light-up of the leaves at night. Light-up was magnificent.


Hotels were already packed so no reservation for a room was available. In Japan people enjoy viewing these leaves as one of autumn events, which we call “Momiji-gari.” It literally means hunting autumn leaves. But we do not hunt them but just view and enjoy the scenaries.

Unlike cherry blossoms season, we do not do picnic under the trees because temperature is low.

But some enjoy tea ceremony under the trees. One of the guides attended tea ceremony hosted by a Canadian tea ceremony master, Randy Channell Soei at Chionji Temple last Thursday. Having sweets and warm bitter-sweet Macha green tea viewing autumn leaves in a formal manner is greatest moment in life.


After this, a colder climate covers the nation and the leaves are falling down then you might see white snow. Winter! Surely, we have lots of fun in winter such as skiing, snowboarding, and New Year festivals.

Why not join and enjoy upcoming winter in Japan!