East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour report on 27th May, Saturday

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Thank you for joining our tour.
Although it was drizzling the previous day, the weather was very nice that day.
We were honored to have around 60 people from the different corners of the world came and joined this tour.
We split them into six groups and started our tour.
The guides were very responsive to the inquiry of the guest because most of them were very attentive and curious at the same time.


Normally, our strolling is two-hour long and it consists of two parts.
The first locations are the modern Japan and its cultural assets like Tokyo Station.
Next is to showcase the old Japan like the Edo Castle, which is now the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace.

We hope all of you can enjoy the view of these historical sites.
Aside from explaining the historical background of each site, guides are talking about the relevant stories like anecdotes or new findings.
Moreover, instant-kimono experience is one of the highlights in our tour.


In Japan, Tsuyu season is coming soon.
“Tsuyu” is referred to as the rainy season in the beginning of summertime in Japan that usually starts in early June and lasts until the middle of July.
Annually, Japan Meteorological Agency forecasts the beginning and the end of “tsuyu”, along with the regions where it will occur.
Normally, people have a lesser chance in doing outdoor activities during this wet and rainy season.

However, we can still find magnificent beauty during these rainy days.
Why don’t you visit some flower gardens?
You can see Hydrangea flowers blooming during the days when the rain falls.
Hydrangeas are one of the flower species that are native to Japan. The Hydrangea shrub typically grows up to 2 m tall and 2.5 meters wide, with large clusters or heads of delicate pink or blue flowers. They usually bloom during summer and autumn season.
These flowers are appealing enough to visitors and their beauty captures the guests’ attention and entertains them, even though it is drizzling or overcast in places in Japan.
This is one of the attractions on our tour of the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, where the flora and fauna will welcome and amaze you.

(By Arac)