East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

Tour Report on 30 September 2017

East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

We thank all the guests joining our East garden of Imperial Palace tour on Sep. 30.

It was  cloudy. But it got fine at the beginning of tour and good condition. Summer has gone!
We welcomed 45 guests from 13 countries.
We divided into 6 groups and started from Tokyo station. Every group walked around Marunouchi area. During the tour in Marunouchi we saw some wedding ceremonies.
Now Japan is the best season for wedding. There are a lot of wedding ceremonies in autumn.


Speaking of autumn, in Japan we think autumn is a perfect season to have a good appetite. We call this “Autumn appetite.”

The reasons are
1. Many ingredients come into season in autumn.
2. Japanese summer is terrible hot and wet. Japanese people intend to lose appetite in  summer.
3. When it gets cool in autumn, people feel hungry.

If you want to feel Japanese Autumn appetite, I strongly recommend to eat a “Sanma-Shioyaki”
Sanma is a slender shaped fish which is called Pacific saury in English. Shioyaki is one of the cooking way to grill ingredients with salt. “Sanma -Shioyaki” means ” salted and grilled Pacific saury.”

The best season of eating Sanma is autumn. Its nourishment reach a peak. So we enjoy grilled Sanma with grated Daikon radish and half cut of Japanese citrus Kabosu on the side.
Let’s try!

(Posted by Y. Hino)