Tour Report on 5-March, 2016, Saturday

Thank you for the guests kindly joined our Saturday tour on 5th of March. We totally had 32 guests from twelve countries.

Spring has almost come! We have bloomed-plum-tree flower already from Jan. and also, the early-bloom cherry blossoms (kan-zakura) has been bloomed from late Feb. With warm winter in this year, it is sure the flowering season comes earlier more than usual, in addition to the global warming.  In Japan, the most popular cherry blossom (Sakura) type is Somei-Yoshino. Last week, The Weather Forecast Agency announced the blooms’ forecast of the Somei-Yoshino at each site in Japan. At Imperial Palace area in Tokyo, it is 23-Mar. Forecast is forecast, not 100% sure, but please keep this date in mind if you have a plan to visit Japan in March.

By the way, we have one of unforgettable days soon, 11-March. As some of you kindly remembered, we had a big earthquake in north part of Japan in five years ago. According to the Reconstruction Agency of Japan, 3,407 people have passed away (as of 30-Sep-2015) and 174,471 people live out of their hometown (as of 12-Feb-2016). Many issues are still on-going, like the big issue of Nuclear Power Plant at Fukushima or the delay of reconstruction process in the damaged area. However, the appearance of such issues at media is decreasing, that’s a problem. It is hard to remember the event in busy daily life, but with some occasion, we should try to remember it. For example, I love my charity T-shirt which I bought after the earthquake, with the warm message from Cyndi Lauper (famous American singer). It became a well-worn T-shirt, but I cannot throw away for now.

2011 T-shirts

Now, let me change the subject back to our tour report. Our new member kindly joined this TFWT group from last month. I guess they have a hard time to write his/her script for the time being, since we do not have common text. So, you can enjoy our tour with different guides with his/her own script. For the people who kindly joined our tour already, let us meet again!

(Report by Katsumi)


We have a regular tour every Saturday and have weekday/Sunday tours irregularly.
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  1. Thank you, all the volunteers, for taking the time to show us visitors around the palace east grounds and to explain the meaning of the architecture, history and gardens. The tour added a deeper appreciation to what we tourists see with our eyes but do not understand without expert guidance. It also gave insights into Japanese culture in general. But I never felt I was “in school” because it was entertaining and carried out with the general audience in mind. This is a valuable (and free) help for any tourist who wishes to see behind the surface and understand more about the history and culture of Tokyo and Japan.

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